Trademark Application Questionaire
Type of entity


Joint Individuals


Where incorporated




Which best describes your application:

I am curently using the mark in commerce.

I am not currently using the mark, but I have a good faith intention to use the mark in commerce within 3 years. If I receive a Notice of Allowance for my mark to be registered, I understand I must file a specimen showing actual use in commerce before I will be on the federal register.

I would like to claim a right of priority based on a foreign application. Please describe:

This mark has already been registered in a foreign country and I would like to use that as a basis for filing.

I understand that I may have to disclaim any generic words. This means that you do not claim exclusive rights to individual words not used in combination with your mark. For example, if a mark was "Blue Dog Shop," you may need to disclaim "shop" or "blue" used alone. However a derivative of "Blue Dog" would not be disclaimed. I wish to disclaim the following generic words: