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I am curently using the mark in commerce.

I am not currently using the mark, but I have a good faith intention to use the mark in commerce within 3 years. If I receive a Notice of Allowance for my mark to be registered, I understand I must file a specimen showing actual use in commerce before I will be on the federal register.

I would like to claim a right of priority based on a foreign application. Please describe:

This mark has already been registered in a foreign country and I would like to use that as a basis for filing.

I understand that I may have to disclaim any generic words. This means that you do not claim exclusive rights to individual words not used in combination with your mark. For example, if a mark was "Blue Dog Shop," you may need to disclaim "shop" or "blue" used alone. However a derivative of "Blue Dog" would not be disclaimed. I wish to disclaim the following generic words:

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Words only (plain character, no special font or style)

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Is color a part of the claimed mark? Describe which portions of the mark have color. Remember, the mark will be protected only in the identified color if you chose this option (Thus you must always use this color with the mark). It is common to protect it in Black and White without a claim to any particular color.

Please list the specific goods or services represented by the trademark. This is one of the most important parts of the application, so please be very careful. You will be required to submit a specimen. Your description will establish the scope of the trademark registration and protection.

My trademark contains foreign words or symbols and the translation is stated below.

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